Drift Away at Drift on 7th

Washingtonians are rejoicing as the sun makes a relatively short, but glorious, return this week before disappearing back into the gray. Where can you go to order food that practically tastes like sunshine and can also brighten up a cloudy day? Sail on over to Drift on 7th in the heart of Shaw.


A wooden sign reading “Beach” directs diners into a permanently nautical paradise, with wooden planks and anchors adorning the right wall, a brightly colored bar on the left and twinkling lights overhead. The décor, combined with a playlist sounding as if it was picked by Marley himself, automatically puts patrons at ease.

I was fortunate enough to dine here on one of the handful of sunny days D.C. has had lately, but would have had no trouble perking up in stormy weather – Drift on 7th simply has good vibes. Better yet, this fast-casual seafood joint has good food.


A meal here simply shouldn’t begin without what is arguably the most popular dish, the Tots N’ Tentacles. Calamari and haddock tots are fried not-too-crunchy, yet not-too-soft and served alongside spicy mayo and horseradish remoulade. The horseradish was especially tasty and made a great dipping sauce for the crispy, lightly salted homemade chips.

If you’re looking for a lighter start, then the seafood ceviche with corn, cilantro and balsamic vinegar is for you. The bright, refreshing flavor invoked some serious nostalgia for a summer I spent living in Costa Rica.DSC_0666

While a host of seafood entrees are available, I opted for the fish tacos. The corn tortilla had a great flavor, the fish was flaky and the pico de gallo was refreshing. I ordered mine without the garlic sour cream, but would recommend others not follow my lead. The moisture from the cream (or from any sauce) would have made this perfect, but without it the dish is a bit dry.


Perhaps the biggest surprise was the delicious nutella soufflé with vanilla ice cream. One would expect only fruity, tropical dessert options, such as their lime pie or banana split with pineapple sauce, but Drift packs a rich, chocolately punch with this decadent dish.


Whether you’re looking for a quick, summery dinner, a boozy brunch or a fun happy hour, be sure to head to Drift on 7th feel like you’re on a sunny, beach vacay in the middle of busy Shaw.

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