Guac Dirty To Me: Try One (or All) of These DC Guacs on Cinco de Mayo

Cheers to the best foodie holiday/happy hour celebration falling on Friday this year!! In preparation for the big day, I’ve been tasting guacamole around the district since February to help you narrow down where to get the city’s finest guacamole on Cinco de Mayo. Happy Guacing!

Los Cuates

Spiced to your liking, this fresh, chunky and hearty portion of guac was my favorite among all the DC guacs. Good for sharing with your friends who throw don’t mind throwing elbows at the table for a big dip.

Perfect for sharing with a group!

Taqueria Nacional

So satisfying! Every single person seated in Taqueria Nacional had one in addition to their orders. When that many people are willing to pay the extra $6 on top of their meals, you know it’s going to be goooood.

This “side” order of guac is served in a to go container so in case you’re strange and don’t finish your guac in one sitting, it can come home with you!

Espita Mezcaleria

Loved this recipe!! Light on the extras like onion, tomato and heavy seasoning, Espita Mexcaleria keeps it simple with two whole ‘cados, lime juice, cilantro, shredded lettuce and raw onion on top. The perfect complement to any dish.

The greenest guacamole! Aside from green being my favorite color, this clean, green recipe is a great brunch guac.

Tacos El Chilango

This hole in the wall is everything you love about holes in the wall – unassuming and delicious. The guac was loaded with lots of raw onion, diced tomato and cilantro. You can opt for mild, medium or hot spice levels, and fear not, the chips are sturdy enough and won’t break mid dip!

See all those fresh chunks!? That’s what we love!

El Tamarindo

I’m a big fan of El Tamarindo’s guac for its generous, fresh serving. The homemade chips were served warm (always a plus) and my favorite part – you can eat the tortilla its served on – no guac wasted at El Tamarindo!!

Love when you can eat the serving vehicle! #chipbowls

Agua 301

Full of texture and packed with flavor in every bite. Agua 301’s cool guacamole on the patio in Navy Yard is hard to beat. Get there fast for an outdoor seat tomorrow!

Agua 301 tops its guacamole with fresh pico de gallo. Not to worry, they’ll give you a basket of chips on the side once you’ve finished the big one.

Don Tito

Perfect for anyone who loves citrusy guac, Don Tito’s guacamole is packed with flavor from freshly diced garlic, onion and tomato and has just enough heat from chopped chiles.

Packed with flavor, portion good for one, maybe two, guac enthusiast(s).


I’ll happily recommend Jaco to anyone for a number of occasions, just be prepared to order a second guac – their portions are a proper and healthy “single serving”. Ha!

Jaco prepares everything from scratch at the counter in front of you – the salsa and guac taste like perfect blends of fresh veggies and spices!


Of all the table side guac preparations I’ve witnessed, Cleveland Park’s Laredo impressed me most. Nothing was done before hand – the avocados were halved and scooped from the shell table side, and from there the waiter offered suggestions for a mild style, chunky style, or packed with heat blend, we opted for a chunky, spicy version.

Laredo prepares your guac table side – and uses beautiful and perfectly ripe Mexican avocados. This photo was taken before all the raw ingredients were mashed together on the prep stand.


Prepared tableside, Oyamel lets you craft your own guac! We opted for onion, cilantro, chili powder, lime juice, salt, pepper and fresh cheese. I’d like to go back with a group and try a bunch of different combos!

Oyamel’s bright walls and fluorescent lights make for great date night/gno vibes and difficult for pictures – but take note of the freshly grated cotija cheese sprinkled on top

Lauriol Plaza

Lauriol’s simple guacamole recipe has had me coming back for years. I like that it is heavy on the garlic, spice and onion, not too citrusy and topped with extra shredded mexican cheese. Plenty of chips and complimentary salsa make this plenty of food to enjoy with your cold corona or salt rim margarita.

Simple, and served over a bed of lettuce to make for a little salad once the chips are gone!


For those of you who won’t be among the rest of us with coronas and tequilas menus longer than we know what to do with, SEI is known for its sushi happy hour and creative Japanese cocktails, and they offer an Asian twist on the traditional Mexican dip.

SEI’s guacamole get its heat from wasabi rather than chiles. It’s blended into the smooth guacamole well, ensuring heat in every bite

Summer House

Worth the trek. This guac hit everything; freshness, spiciness, crunchiness on point. There was a nice balance between the avocado chunks and more smooth/smashed avocado. I liked that the lime was served on side to make it citrusy to your preference. Summer House, come to DC?

Look at those chips!! Hot to the touch and topped with lime salt. The most perfect chip for guac dipping.

Tell @greer_hunter and the team @hungrylobbyist where you’re headed for guac this Cinco de Mayo! Have your own “best” guac recipe? Share it with us & we’ll see if we can recreate it!

Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know!

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