Take a Detour to Arlington for Great Coffee and Flavors of the Mediterranean

Detour Coffee, in Arlington, VA, is nestled amongst convenience stores, gas stations and apartment complexes, causing many to take a detour from their every day agendas to pop in for coffee. What they might not realize upon entering is how amazing the food is, as well.

While the coffee (and the coffee house vibes) remain a huge draw for customers, the Mediterranean cuisine with a major Spanish influence makes the establishment shine.

I start with a classic Spanish Tortilla of eggs and potatoes. Served slightly warm (though quite cold in the middle) with lots of flaky salt and olive oil on top, it was delicious. Creamy eggs and par boiled potatoes are one of food’s great pleasures to me. Bordering on the edge of too salty, I was pleased by the aggressive seasoning.

The sandwiches are a reason to visit all themselves. Featuring everything from beef tenderloin to falafel; Thanksgiving creations and lentil burgers, there is quite literally something for everyone if not something for each day of the week. I tried the chivito:  beef tenderloin, ham, bacon, mozzarella, green olives, roasted red peppers, pickled shiitake, egg, lettuce, tomato & mayo on a soft roll with fries. The beef was SO tender, easy to bite through without pulling all of the meat out on first bite. The house made brioche is toasted on the inside to prevent soppage and the fat from the runny egg and thinly sliced ham and bacon provided richness to the lean beef without being overpowering. It was sandwich perfection and I crave it during every hangover.

Some must order shared plates include the empanada with dough so flaky and tender you’ll be transported to your Abuela’s kitchen – complete with spicy beef and traditional olives and egg inside. The hanger steak, a special on the menu, grilled simply and served with zesty chimichurri and house made focaccia was hard for me to share and easily one of the best bites of the day. Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat. They all came to the party/

The Brussels sprouts of magic, as I like to refer to them, with turkey bacon are surprisingly addictive. I don’t typically swoon over turkey bacon, but this application of the lean cousin to America’s favorite pork product has me going back for seconds and thirds. A hard roast on the sprouts leaves them caramelized with crispy edges and supple cores. YUM-O Rachael Ray.

Bold flavors, exciting menus, and attention to detail turn this every day coffee shop into a dining destination. From homemade breads and sauces, to weekend brunch and exquisite coffee, I see why people camp out here all day. Take a detour for yourself and see what all the hype is about.

Monday-Saturday: 8am – 8pm and on
Sunday: 9am – 8pm

946 N. Jackson Street
Arlington, VA 22201

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