DC’s Seven (off the radar) Sammys You Need to Eat

There are a lot of things between bread in DC that are amazing (we’re looking at you Le Diplomate, Duke’s, Alfies, etc). Some sammys are a bit less known than others.

Here are DC’s seven (off the radar) sammys you need to eat right now. Hopefully we’re putting some new things on your list.

Right Proper Brewing Company’s “Chick-Fil-A” Sandwich

Right Proper

Toasted bun, Duke’s mayo, crispy chicken. Yup, yup, yup.

Dirty South Deli’s Mr. Chips


Pulled pork, Manchego cheese, cilantro, citrus mayo, jalapeno pickles – so much flavor and it all works!

Pennsylvania Six’s Lobster Roll (with duck fat fries)


One of the best in the city. Put it on your radar today.

Cedric’s Cheeseburger (with bacon) at Convivial

convivial burger

Words are not needed. Just look at this thing.

The Dabney’s Pork Belly Sliders


Homemade rolls, pork belly, Duke’s mayo, pepper jelly or watermellon relish depending on the season. Not featured on the regular menu, and only $4. Make this happen.

Glenn’s Garden Market Grilled Cheese with Bacon


“Chessus take the wwwhhhheeeeelllllll.”

Shake Shack’s Chicken Sandwich


Skip the burger, get the bird.

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