DC Restaurant Week Bingo (Winter 2019)

DC Restaurant Week is here again to frustrate and confuse you.

Which spots are offering specials? How much are cocktails?
Are these are the only menu items available? Wait, why won’t anyone take my order??

This winter restaurant week, which runs from Jan. 14 – Jan. 20, features a number of places worth checking out. And because our town is feeling the effects of a partial government shutdown, reservations at harder-to-come-by spots might not be so hard to come by after all. So that place you’ve always wanted to try…now is the time to strike! By making a reservation! Plus, since crowds may be lighter, spend some money on a good dinner if you can. Our town’s restaurants will be happy you did.

But where to go? How many places should you hit? Don’t worry: we got you covered there, too. Introducing DC Restaurant Week Bingo (Winter ’19 ed.), where we’ve collected 24 of the best spots offering some sort of discounted menu this week. Try one, or two, or five — and remember that lunch counts, as well. Go forth and eat some food this week!

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