Daikaya: Worthy of GQ’s top 25 restaurants in America

We are a cult culture. Be it throwback fashion with a nod to Mallrats, cliche food trucks, or 1950s style diner food being revamped, we like and thrive off all things niche.

Enter Daikaya & ramen.

This isn’t the three-for-one-dollar ramen packs you ate in college. Well, it is, and it isn’t, and that’s what’s amazing about it. The nostalgia of the salty, chewy ramen noodles is still there in Chef Katsuya Fukushima masterly crafted revision of this affordable classic dish, but it’s elevated to whole new level your pallate, and now your pocketbook, can appreciate. The full details of their journey are very inspiring.

The rich clear broth is full of umami flavors while the ramen itself reminds you of your dorm days. However the soft boiled egg, sliced pork (or pork belly), the seaweed strips and bamboo shoots, these complex flavors evaporate, wait, completely destroy your previous concept of ramen. But those noodles, those noodles keep you grounded and bring you back. They are the same. The dish, is different. You are different, and you appreciate all of this.

The Shoyu Ramen is one of their most popular.

In keeping with Sapporo ramen tradition, we use very dark rich soy sauce in our shoyu ramen. The soup has toasted garlic and slight caramel tones. Topped with 1/2 egg: nitamago.

Delicate and delicious, this ramen is a typical go to for something smooth and clean.

For a spicy take, the Spicy Miso Ramen is sure to wake up your senses in the best way possible. This is not a punch of spice, rather a delicate slow heat that builds as you eat it. Highly recommended for a cold or when that DC pollen kicks in and you need a sinus cleanse.

Our spicy miso ramen broth has the right balance, depth and complexity and is not just simply spicy. We use shiro-miso, which is white miso, for this ramen.

Daikaya was recently listed on GQ’s 25 Best New Restaurants in America, 2014a mention much deserved. 

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