Cool Down This Summer with Infused Cubes

It’s a hot one out there. Tired of sitting with your face in the fan? Run out of new frozen drinks to try? Spice up any water or drink with these super easy to make fruit ice cubes. Infuse your ice with your favorite summer flavors. It’ll cool you down, it’s fun, tasty and really pretty!

Left to Right: raspberries, mango, orange, mint blueberries.

It’s as simple as it can be. Grab your ice tray, your favorite summer fruits or flavors, and put them together!

Add them to your favorite drink to enhance the flavor. Add them in your summer cocktail for a pretty and refreshing twist. Or just add them to your (many) glasses of water for a pretty, delicious and fun summer treat.

Try mango and mint, raspberry and blueberry, orange and blueberry!



  • Be adventurous – you have nothing to loose. It is just water and fun!
  • Experiment – Try different flavors whether its fruit, plants or other fun flavors you have around.
  • Mix – Try mixes flavors together in the same cube or putting them together in the same drink.
  • Make a lot! – Of course they melt pretty quickly (they are ice cubes – they don’t last forever) and friends love them, they go quick.
  • Take pics! – They are so pretty!
  • Enjoy! – Of course.

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