Commonwealth Joe: Not Your Average Daily Grind

A giant golden pipe, tasting flights, and growlers. Clinking glasses, caffeine laced laughter, and the loud whoosh of freshly tapped nitro. Intoxicating scents of freshly roasted beans and subtly sweet pastries. You have arrived at Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters.

Pastries arrive fresh daily from Junction Bakery

Commonwealth Joe takes the idea of a coffee shop, turns it on its head, and catapults it into the future.

To start off, the shop’s stand-out star is the nitro cold brew coffee. Their futuristic nitro nectar contains half the acidity and twice the caffeine as a normal cup of hot coffee. Put down the milk and sugar because their meticulous brewing creates the smoothest, creamiest black coffee imaginable.

Coffee by & for Millennials

According to brainchild, barista, and bean enthusiast, Robert Peck, the idea for a millennial focused bean brand sprouted early on. He watched his mother make great traditional coffee for people and thought he could take it a step further. Through targeted branding and incorporation of bar themed utilities, Peck riffs off tried and true cocktail techniques. His propensity to innovate is as clear as the ultra filtered water used in their nitro.

Tried not to swirl it. Couldn’t resist. But hey, check out that froth.

With six varieties on tap at their Pentagon location you’ll be jonesing to try each one. If you’re feeling the need to balance old and new, Java Shack in Courthouse is Arlington’s oldest coffee house and a great place to grab Joe nitro or Junction pastries.  If you can’t saddle up your horse/Uber to make it to Pentagon City or Courthouse, Commonwealth Joe can install kegerator in your office.

“Excuse me boss, this is 100% necessary for my productivity.”

You can also find C-wealth J at your local Whole Foods. Sup Bezos.

Let’s Get Down to Beans-ness

Commonwealth Joe boasts and roasts almost a dozen original blends named after Virginian vistas. Our forefathers would surely salute their dignified designations.

First, the traditional coffee. “Hallowed Grounds” sourced from Rwanda is an excellent palate pleaser for the millennial with a lighter citrus craving. “Monticello Sunrise” sourced from Ethiopia is impossibly smooth and intriguingly tea-like. “Blue Ridge Bluff” packs a punch for those mornings you feel like you woke up on Old Rag Mountain and might have to wrestle a bear later.

Blue Ridge Bluff – excellent for waking the hell up

Second, the nitro flavors bounce right off their original blends. “Shenandoah Spring” hit the sweet spot of medium bodied brew.

That perfect centimeter of foam comes from the nitro. Like a Guinness but better

Third, I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend the smooth and sultry mocha. The baristas at Joe don’t mess around. They created their own ganache for the mocha from Kingsbury Chocolate.

I want to Instagram this a latte

Finally, the grand finale. Through extensive knowledge of coffee farming and an insanely creative sourcing miracle, Commonwealth Joe has created a new tantalizing drink dubbed the “Cascara Fizz”. The drink is brewed from the cast-offs of coffee beans. Is it tea, juice, or soda? It’s hard to explain, but easy to understand once it hits your taste buds.

A stand out among its peers. Just like you 🙂

In summation, the folks at Commonwealth Joe are doing big things. They use their business backgrounds to roast the best grounds.


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