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Circa Bistro is well-known and loved by many in D.C., and they just opened a new Navy Yard location. I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. It was my first time at any of the Circa locations and I’ll admit, I was blown away. Each cocktail and dish we tried was incredibly unique with close attention to every fresh detail. I honestly cannot say enough good things about the drinks, food, service, the space itself and all around experience we had at Circa Bistro Navy Yard .Circa is very versatile and can be a great place for date night dinner, a business lunch, and an afterwork happy hour with your friends

“Beet Ya To It” – Barr Hill gin, housemate beet-lemon shrub, honey, cucumber lemon
This was exactly how I like my gin cocktails, refreshing but not sweet and SO PRETTY

“Purple Rain”- Locally distilled Belle Isle Honey Habanero, house made blueberry-habanero shrub, lemon, pineapple
I see what you did there… and I like it. This was our favorite cocktail of the night. It was a delicate combination of sweet, light and spicy . (Wondering if they’ll deliver this to my pool this summer)
“Treat Yo’Self”- Turmeric, carrot, orange, pineapple, mango, lime, ginger beer & if you choose to add alcohol you may (we added gin)
-The dietitian in me was immediately drawn to this drink and it was good, but not my favorite, it was the combination of a semi-grainy texture and gin that didn’t completely appeal to me.

“Roasted Cauliflower”- Pumpkin seed romesco, charred lemon emulsion, spiced pepitas, kalamata olives
This dish was a special on the winter features menu and I hope it sticks around. The pepitas gave it a nice crunch, the olives were a salty surprise, and the sauce tied it all together beautifully
“Warm Bruschetta”-Roasted butternut squash, fig compote, goat cheese mousse, baby arugula, basil, crispy prosciutto, balsamic glaze, Grand Rustico
This was another dish on the winter features menu, it was a creamy garlicky bread with all the fixings-and perfect leftovers for lunch the next day 😉
This winter squash soup with a cream sauce was brought out compliments of the chef and OMG I want to cry thinking about it. Hands down the best soup me and my friend have ever had. Go to this restaurant. Trust this Chef.
“Veg + Quinoa Bowl”– Baby kale, house pickled beets, avocado, marinated tomatoes, balsamic onions, sunflower seeds, fried goat cheese, grilled lemon, and champagne vinaigrette
This was a simple but healthy and hearty salad (that goat cheese ball- YUM)
Tuna Poke Nachos”– Sesame ginger marinade, wasabi avocado cream, tobiko pickled ginger aioli, wonton chips, roasted nori + sesame seeds
This appetizer was amazing and had a
ll the things crunchy, fresh, umami, savory, and spicy
“Lobster Ravioli + Sauteed Shrimp”- Chimichurri seared shrimp, asparagus, lobster + ginger butter, buttered breadcrumbs
I would definitely order this again, it was completely stuffed with tender and flavorful lobster, but the shrimp on the top may have been the best part- the grilled sear put it over the top.
“Chocolate Chip Cheesecake” with whipped cream and caramel sauce
Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts, this was a staple classic
“Brioche Bread Pudding”- white chocolate, vanilla bean ice cream, bourbon creme anglaise, caramel
This was the best of the two desserts, it had a bit of crunch on the outside, the inside was warm, moist, and fluffy and the cold ice cream was everything, who needs a cherry on top?!

All in all, the experience was a 9.5 out of 10 me and my friends have already been back for happy hour. Thanks Circa Navy Yard for a great time and dinner! Don’t forget to check out their other locations too.

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