Chipotle QuesNo

Chipotle dropped its highly anticipated queso in all its locations today. I love Chipotle so much that for the past two years, I’ve participated in Chipotle Sunday with my neighbors (more accurately described as best friends Keri, Allison & Hannah). It’s a fun tradition, and occasionally sparked a conversation about Chipotle’s lack of queso/chips and queso. Personally, I never quite felt my bowl was missing something. Today, I can tell you for certain, it is not. Chipotle’s queso is not good.¬†

Large Queso side comes with two bags of chips for $5.91

What bothered me most was the temperature. The queso was served room temperature. Who wants cold cheese that’s meant to be hot? I like my queso fresh out of the oven and melty. Next, it didn’t even quite taste cheesy…just goopy. The peppers felt like they were thrown in last minute – they added a hint of seasoning (I’d barely call it spice) and minimal texture to the pudding like queso dip.

I appreciate that Chipotle makes “food with integrity” and “real ingredients” but to be honest, I don’t know how much integrity anyone is ever really maintaining when inhaling hot melted cheese into their mouths via tortilla chip. ¬†Chipotle, please leave the queso to those willing to forgo some integrity for some tastebud satisfaction.

I’ve heard friends say “don’t waste the calories” before and never fully got it. Now I do. I’ll stick with my “extra cheese please, yes sour cream” for my Chipotle dairy flare.

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