First Look: Chipotle Launches Cheeky Capital Pride Parade Campaign (pun intended)

As we approach this weekend’s DC Capital Pride Parade, focused on the LBGT community, Chipotle Mexican Grill isn’t missing out on the fun.

The theme for this year’s float is “pride on the outside, party on the inside.” To bring this idea to life, the float will portray a giant foil-wrapped burrito hallowed out to allow for Chipotle crewmembers to party on the inside, while showing their pride on the outside. Riders on the float will be sporting the restaurant’s popular ¿Homo Estas? shirts while tossing Chipotle swag to the crowd. In addition to buy-one, get-one cards, Chipotle’s cheeky buttons emblazoned with “I Eat Burritos” and “I Eat Tacos” make their triumphant return, begging the question, “Which way do you sway?” 

Here’s a sneak peak of their float design (pictured above), and a cheeky new campaign slogan.

PrideChipotle1But what if we eat nachos?

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