Cheese Lovers Guide to DC’s Best Queso Fundidos

Attention all cheese lovers – for those of you that don’t know what queso fundido is, you’re welcome. You are about to be changed forever. Queso fundido is different than your every day queso, it is much gooier, thicker, stringier, more flavorful, and way cheesier.

Queso fundido is a dish of warm, gooey cheese typically served in a skillet with a side of tortillas or chips. Warm sizzling cheese brought to your table – what could possibly be better?

There are tons of places all around DC that serve authentic queso fundido. This is your Cheese Lovers Guide to DC’s Best Queso Fundidos.

You’re welcome.

The Classic One

If you are looking for a classic queso head over to Johnny Pistolas. Perfectly creamy, smooth, and cheesy and served with big round tortilla chips for dipping. It is also the best sauce to add on pretty much anything on the menu. Drip it onto your tacos, nachos, or even the salad for a cheesy dressing.

If you are are looking for a classic queso fundido in DC head on over to Johnny Pistolas, 18th St NW, Washington, DC

The Cheesiest one

Simple is sometimes best. One of the most classic queso fundidos in DC, and honestly one of the best tasting is Rosa Mexicano. They serve their queso fundido in a warm skillet and brought hot to the table. Full of flavor and ooey, gooey, goodness. This queso fundido is easily the most fun to cheese pull with. See photo below for reference.

For a really all around cheesy dish you MUST go to Rosa Mexicano in Penn Quater for their amazing queso fundido.

The Veggie One

Sometimes it is fun to spice it up and add some flavor to the traditional warm cheese dish. Queso fundido is usually served plain or with chorizo, but Espita Mezcaleria mixes it up with their earthy, veggie queso fundido. Combining delicious flavors with a touch of sweetness from the butternut quash puree, and the earthy tastes from the wild mushrooms, and toasted walnuts.

This queso fundio is fun, Espita in Shaw does it different and perfect for the vegetarians out there.

The Fun One

El Centro serves their melted oaxaca and chichuhua cheese queso fundido with 3 fun salsas on the side! Not that queso fundido ever is boring, or plain, but with 3 colorful salsas on the side, you are able to create new flavors for every bite!  The queso is usually burned on the top to create the most perfect cheesy crisp.

Photo by El Centro DF

Not only is it pretty and tasty, but El Centro knows how to bring diversity and flavors to an already delicious dish.

The Authentic One

El Sol serves a truly authentic queso fundido. The cheese is brought to the table sizzling in a skillet bowl with homemade tortillas. I recommend adding the chorizo – it’s a great addition.

Photo by El Sol

The dish is perfect sized for an appetizer for two and really gives an authentic feel in this truly authentic restaurant.

The Unique One

Call it what you will, but The Fainting Goat serves their own version of queso fundido that they call Goat Cheese Fondue. It is a different cheese but it is still warm melty cheese served in a skillet, so we call it queso fundido – goat cheese fondue style. Served with a side of grilled bread, it is the perfect fondue cheese skillet.

Photo by The Fainting Goat

So tasty, The Fainting Goat, 1330 U Street, Washington DC has a unique take on queso fundido.

I would eat queso fundido every day if I could. Now you have an excuse to try them all. Enjoy!

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