Celebrating Your Birthday in DC

Birthdays I believe should be celebrated. I never quite understood the people who hate their birthdays and the associated celebrations. If you are in the birthday hater category, this article is simply not for you. But if you LOVE birthdays (just like me) then this is for you, especially if you live in DC.

The look of an overwhelmed birthday girl (aka baby me)

To celebrate my birthday, for the past 3 years, I have chosen to celebrate at Blue Duck Tavern for their famous weekend brunch. Why? Because they go above and beyond to tailoring the brunch to your birthday starting with a custom happy birthday menu.

If you are coming with a group of people, Blue Duck Tavern’s menu is bound to make everyone happy, especially meat lovers. I mean just look at this bone marrow, it was so good I had to put three pictures for you.

Eat garlic, it is your birthday after all. You get to do what you want and who doesn’t want to eat this deliciously roasted garlic?

Other than having incredible savory food, their desserts are deliciously tailored to your birthday and are (unofficially) always given complimentary. This small gesture makes one feel even more special.

After celebrating at Blue Duck Tavern, I would recommend walking toward Sprinkles Cupcake to get your free birthday cupcake! I got a dozen…but there’s nothing wrong with one cupcake. The best thing about Sprinkles is that it has options for the gluten-free and vegan readers out there.

After devouring the deliciousness of the food, you would need a little coffee pick me up and of course some shopping. In the theme of getting gifts I would recommend going to Peets for your free birthday drink (can be whatever drink you want so crazy with the shots and non-dairy milk!). With your coffee in hand head over to Sephora to get your cute little birthday gift (you have to be a Sephora member, it’s free to sign up). Its typically two small bottles of something (face wash or lipstick) but the simple gesture of getting a gift on your birthday makes the day a bit more awesome.

There are many more things to do on your birthday in DC but I hope these serve as some starting points for you on your special and awesome day. Happy birthday from the Hungry Lobbyist family whoever and wherever you may be!

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