Cashion’s Eat Place: Creative & Delicious

I wanted to like Cashion’s Eat Place, and I didn’t…I loved it. Everything ordered was creative without negating the high quality ingredients. The environment is warm and inviting and the food is locally sourced whenever possible, so the menu changes constantly. Sadly, the few dishes we sampled may not even be there when you go, but have no fear, whatever you order I am sure will delight.

It was a late evening which of course called for a martini; gin, dry, up, with a twist to be exact. Martinis are something that a proper cocktail craftsman should know how to make, and do so with consistency. Mine at Cashion’s was perfect, and therefore set the tone for the evening.

To start was a deliciously light and balanced beet salad with pomegranate seeds that added a nice textural contrast and crunch, micro greens that brought a nice bitter flavor to otherwise sweet beets, and creamy goat cheese that rounded everything out. Drizzled with high quality extra virgin olive oil, because why not, made this dish one of my favorites beet dishes in DC.

Since man can not live on beets alone, we moved on to an amazing beef tartare that was perfectly blended with mustard grain, herbs, and balanced with a slight amount of citrus…oh yeah, and topped with potato chips. I mean come on! The kid inside you who put chips on their sandwich is telling you that you have to eat this. Besides being extremely whimsical, it worked. Using the chips to scoop up the tartare was great. Plus anytime you can play with you food is always fun.

Next the house-made tagliatelli, which was perfectly cooked, was a smoked paprika option topped with fresh grated Parmesan cheese. It appears Cashion’s often has a pasta option, made in house, and blended with other unique flavors and ingredients. The paprika flavor was perfectly strong and not overpowering at all. I would, and will, go back whenever I see this on the menu and can’t wait to try some of their other options (as of publication they are offering an option with shitake mushrooms, speck, shallots and Parmesan – yum)!

For dessert, fried balls of dough drizzled with honey and powdered sugar and hazelnut ice cream. I mean, come on, it’s hard to mess this up, and they did not.

All around a fantastic meal and their brunch is also to die for I have heard.

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