Call Your Mother, You Won’t Regret It

My Call Your Mother Rating: 8.75

I tried the much anticipated Call Your Mother Jew-ish Deli today, and it was for sure worth the hype.

As soon as you walk into the space, you can’t help but be filled with joy. There are giant pink and green bagels painted on the white walls, gold/yellow accents, and don’t miss the framed Drake wall behind the counter.

On any given weekend you will be waiting for an hour, in a line wrapped around the corner for a $9 bagel. But on a Wednesday at 10am (of course there is still a line to the door) I only waited 7 minutes! And the food comes out fast.

But let’s get to the good stuff – the food is bomb.

DC was in need of a really good bagel place to come, take over a neighborhood and introduce an actually good bagel to DC – and Call Your Mother did the job.

I ordered The Shyne sandwich – Bacon, Bodega-style Egg, Cheese, Spicy Honey on an everything Bagel. The sandwich was FULL, lots of every ingredient, but not too much of one to overpower the others.

The reason for my 8.75 rating is because I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the ‘Spicy Honey’. It made it a little too sweet when I was in the mood for something savory. It wasn’t a huge turn off, but next time I will definitely be ordering without the honey. My The Shyne rating is an 8.


BUT the actual bagel itself was delicious. The wood-fire bagel was crisp, chewy, flavorful and everything a bagel should be. And the best part was the everything part about it. Everyone wants the side of the everything bagel with the most ‘things’ on it. These Call Your Mother bagels do not disappoint with ‘things’ they are covered every centimeter. The bagel itself gets a 9.5.

I will definitely be going back. I will definitely be trying most everything on the menu. And I definitely recommend it.

Call Your Mother, you won’t regret it.

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