Buena Vida Boasts Unlimited Brunch Service in Silver Spring

Hangry AF: Need Brunch

It’s Sunday morning. You’ve just woken up from a late night out and you have the Hangover Scaries. What do you do? Decide where to get BRUNCH of course. A successful brunch that rids you of the impending doom of a hangover includes some sort of fat (grease), carbs, and a pork product in my honest opinion.  So where should you go? How ’bout Silver Spring’s newest concept: Unlimited Brunch at Buena Vida.

Breakfast Tostada// crispy corn tortilla / fried egg / black bean puree / chopped lettuce pico de gallo / crema / cotija / garlic – guajillo salsa

The Buena Vida Brunch Experience is available Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.   Priced at $35 per person, guests can enjoy an endless selection of Mexican fare prepared by Chef de Cuisine Graham Bartlett.   Dishes showcase traditional flavors from all the corners of Mexico, and incorporate cage-free eggs and meats primarily sourced from Amish farmers along with local seafood from the Chesapeake.  The Buena Vida Brunch Experience must be ordered by the entire table.  Dishes are also be available a la carte with prices ranging from $2.50 to $12 each.

Some highlights for me were the flautas stuffed with potato and Oaxaca cheese, the pork carnitas torta, unlimited homemade chips with fresh salsas, and of course the churros.  Drinks are also unlimited with the brunch price and you can choose from classics such as sangria, mimosas and some Mexican favorites like margaritas and micheladas.

Crab and Cheese Nachos
Sopes de Chorizo Benedict// organic masa cornmeal cake / house made heshire farms pork chorizo / poached egg / creamy salsa verde

The small plate format is perfect for sharing with the table, and small enough that you can try almost the entire menu without feeling overwhelmed or over stuffed.

Spicy Fried Chicken// chile de arbol / agave syrup
Ahogada Torta// pork carnitas / onion / spicy tomato sauce

Service at Buena Vida makes for the best dining experience.  Our server, Oscar, was so enthusiastic about the food, not to mention unbelievably knowledgeable. He brought each dish out with building excitement, making us eager for the next, and described the plates to us with menu mastery and finesse. He also gave the table a wipe down when dishes were cleared and there are few things that make me happier than that at a restaurant.  Yes, I make a mess, and yes I appreciate you cleaning it up for me <3.

Potato & Oaxaca Cheese Flautas// black bean puree / rajas / cabbage slaw verde & roja salsas / cotija
Bunuelos// cinnamon sugar cracker/ cajeta

The space is absolutely gorgeous, sitting atop it’s sister restaurant, TTT — a casual tacos, tortas and tequila spot.  It’s open and airy, with bright colors and modern finishes.  The staff all wear smiles and I leave feeling happy and more than satisfied.  You must end your meal with the crunchy, chewy churros.  Completely addicting.  Enjoy, brunch bunch!


Buena Vida

8407 Ramsey Avenue
Silver Spring Maryland, 20910
(301) 755-6132

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