Boldfoot Socks: Local DC company that gives back

Do you consider yourself stylish?  Open your sock drawer and if black, brown, navy, and that one pair of Christmas socks are staring back at you, think again?


It’s time to up your sock wardrobe and you don’t have to pay $35 for those George H. W. Bush socks either. But hey, if he can do it, so can you. And with the help of local DC sock company Boldfoot, you are feel even better about stepping up your ankle game.


Boldfoot Socks offers great design in the form of 100% USA-made socks to both men and women alike, and they don’t charge $20+ per pair like many other brands out there. Their socks average around $12.00. The brand offers comfort and quality you can count on (with six  months of free sock insurance just in case). If the socks should rip, tear or develop holes within that time, the company will replace them no questions asked. Just shoot them an email and we’ll take care of the rest.

Boldfoot Socks4

There are currently 24 designs to choose from, and they are currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. This isn’t a typical buy-online sock company, at the moment. To buy a pair of socks, choose the sock style number you want on their website here, then visit their Kickstarter page, donate $12 or more dollars and you’ll get your socks by October (note: these prices are 8% off post-launch prices). Two pairs are $22 (12% off post-launch prices), and so on…you get the idea.


The company not only believes in making products in America, but they give back to American veterans as well. According to an email we received from the founders:

The Boldfoot brand was started to help spark a movement and bring apparel manufacturing back to the U.S. Currently, 97% of all apparel sold in America was made abroad, and that’s just not right. We’re proud to say that all of our yarns / materials are sourced in the U.S., and the socks themselves are manufactured just outside Philadelphia. Lastly, we believe that no business should exist purely for profit. As such, giving back is part of our mission. For each pair purchased, we donate $1 to a charity that helps Veterans in need find jobs, housing, improved health and more.

These are American socks for a worthy American cause. Step up your sock game today.

Boldfoot Socks: Website | Twitter | Kickstarter | Facebook 

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