Bone Marrow at Blue Duck Tavern, West End

This K Street Classic is amazing, the entire menu is. But I just want to take a moment to talk about fantasize about their bone marrow dish.

Say it with me kids: Bone. Marrow. Bone marrow. Two words that do to foodies what the new Ra Ra Riot album did to hipsters (it rhymes with smorgasm).

What is bone marrow? In simple terms, it’s fatty beefy bits from inside the bone of an animal. Preferably a large bone (think rear leg area) from a larger animal (think moo instead of meow).

Where does one get this delicious gift from the meat gods? I suppose there are many places in DC that serve bone marrow. Feel free to tell me that your Granny’s-neighbors-Uncle’s-Cousin makes the best you’ve ever had. That’s great…..don’t care. All I know is Blue Duck Tavern makes the best I’ve had in DC.

The waiter approaches your table with a plate that your guest might assume the guy with the jar of Bath Salts ordered behind you. But alas this meaty, salty goodness is coming straight for you. Presented open on the plate, seasoned fresh out of the oven with large sea salt flakes and rosemary sprigs, and accompanied by firm, crusty bread. Try to resist shooting them like a drunk Pepperdine student at Daytona Beach and calmly take your spoon and grab about an inch, smear it onto the bread, and take a bite. Try not to black out and savor this amazing dish.

Note: If anyone from Blue Duck Tavern (or anyone at all for that matter….) is reading this, I will gladly work for bone marrow (and by work I mean eat bone marrow shadily in the corner of your restaurant).

Where: Blue Duck Tavern, 24th and M Streets NW, DC. Website.

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  1. FoodieGuyDan

    Love their bone marrow!! Seriously good stuff.

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