Thank You Customer Support

As many of you know, I just started this site last Spring, with nothing more than ideas and a general creative vision on where I wanted to take it; and an extreme lack of technical knowledge. Thanks to lots of help from others (specifically a very talented and creative person who works across the river, I assume that’s Richmond, who knows) that understand the online tubes. After several revisions the site was finalized. I thought that was the end of hearing the phrase “check your back-end” that did not refer to my ass.

However last week, the Internet Gods decided to have some fun and crashed a server that was hosting my site. At least I think. Basically, it wouldn’t load. Traffic came to a critically low level, and I basically had no idea what to do. Thankfully, the helpful customer service people at GoDaddy found and fixed the problem. They only laughed a few times when I explained my concept of the internet and what I thought was wrong.

So thank you customer support staff. However, much of my web development time is still basically like this…


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