“Best Of” DC Spring According to Instagram

Spring in DC is kick ass awesome! Don’t believe us, then check out some of these recent Instagram photos that really show the “BestOfDC” during springtime.

This awesome springtime ice cream cone:


These delicious TaKorean tacos:


This light and delicious egg porn from Cashions:


@cashionseatplace #BestofDC it never disappoints.

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These fly-ass Spring earrings:


These bright lavender macaroons:


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This springtime vegetable ramen from Daikaya:


Vegetable Ramen | Straying from a traditional shio ramen, this vegan shio ramen is finished in the wok, which adds a touch of smokiness to the broth. It is chock full of vegetables – brussel sprouts, bean sprouts, snow peas, carrots, onions, wood ear mushrooms, and braised shiitake mushrooms. I also added nitamago, wakame, and menma. Contrary to numerous online reviews, I thought the ramen wasn’t overly salty at all. Instead, it was lighter (less thick) than their spicy miso but still very rich in flavour. Their menma is not only simmered in soy + ramen stock, but also marinated in some spicy oil. It provided a little heat, but once mixed into the broth, couldn’t be tasted. I came here right when they opened for lunch last Tuesday and was surprised that the restaurant never filled up during lunch hours. With that in mind, the servers still make you feel rushed. Even though there were still a few empty seats, I felt as if I couldn’t linger for too long. Also, while the ramen was quickly served, it took about 25 minutes before our gyoza arrived. By then, we had already finished our ramen. They did tell us when we ordered that it would take 10-15 minutes, but the other customers did not have to wait as long for their gyozas. Only 10 minutes or so (I checked the time). A very good ramen spot in DC, though bordering on expensive.

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These two coffees that are BFFs in the sunshine:


These pan-fried leek buns that make you want to dance:


And finally this springtime sunset in DC:

This town rocks! Did we miss something you think is the #BestOfDC from Instagram? Let us know!

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