Best of Both Worlds: Addendum Opens inside Eighteenth Street Lounge

Are you the boujee friend in your group? Can’t handle dollar beers and rail liquor any more? Want the club, but want a better drink? Well, DC now has the spot to fit every person in your posse.

In case you haven’t heard, a few weeks ago was the opening for Addendum, the intimate bar situated in the back of Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL). ESL, which many know for its club atmosphere full of quick drinks and hella dancing, is looking to add a slower paced, quality cocktail bar in the back. Driven by bitters, cordials, and aromatized wines, this spot is perfect for the boujee friend on a night out.

If you know the DC bar scene, then you won’t be surprised to know the brains behind this idea were Lukas Smith and J.D. Quioco.

(Apologies for the low quality)

Inspired NYC’s Amor y Amargo and personal interest, these guys have honed in on some high-quality drinks without using citrus juices, sodas, or syrups. Without the use of those, you know they have to have quality products and liquors.

The wall of goodies

Excited to share their “baby” with the world, I got to hang out with them a couple weeks ago and learn more about the bar. But once I got the intro on the concept, then the real fun began!

Our apertif: Amaro Lucano. Oh so smooth.
The Stirred Word, twist on the Last Word: Gin, green chartreuse, limon de Jerez (citrus replacement), sour
The Derby Hat (for grapefruit lovers): Malort (yes, seriously), Peychauds Aperativo, Wormwood Absinthe, Bitters. Assertive in a good way.
The Pineaperol: Cynar, Plantation Pineapple Rum, Aperol. Smooth, thick, and rich.
Ended with my favorite drink, Divinity School: Cynar, Green Chartreuse, 20 year Sherry, dry vermouth from DC, coconut bitters. Very complex…not too sweet, intense, nutty, and some many other flavors at once.

So get your group together and head to Addendum in ESL this weekend – no other place in DC like it! It will surely be your new favorite spot. I’m already ready to head back.

Addendum is open Thursday–Saturday…7pm-1am on Thursdays and 7pm-2am Friday & Saturday.

Addendum: Website | Facebook Instagram 

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