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You Don’t Need to Look Like You Worked (Partied) All Night

Working late (or staying out late) on the weeknights are not something that you want to be immediately discerned from your appearance at your 9:00am meeting. So provided you have bathed, made yourself not smell like the KA tent at the Kentucky Derby, and have ensured your garments are free from stains, what else can you do? Most men use face lotion, or at least aftershave to keep their skin looking refreshed – this is good. However, those dark bags large enough to hide Ray Lewis’s alibi (too soon?) under your eyes are clearly not doing you any favors – eye cream can help.

Yes, eye cream. If you aren’t using eye cream, you should be. DC is high-stressed and high-paced enough. Your liver, and likely other vital organs, take enough damage everyday. Save what you can people, and lose the macho B.S. about “real men not using eye-cream.” If you believe that, great, then lose the toothbrush too – because real men “don’t need no fancy mouth cleaning smell good paste” either now do they?!?

Assuming the darkness and circles under your eyes are not medical (i.e. allergies or eczema related), the primary cause is likely stress, tobacco smoke, and excess alcohol consumption.  Lack of sleep is actually not a primary cause. So, assuming you’re not going to quit your job (because isn’t every job in DC “high-stressed”?), and since Bourbon Steak makes such tasty beverages you just can’t go without, here are some treatments and creams to help revitalize your look.

RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream – $195

Without question this stuff is the best, and you of course pay for it. With a pretty hefty price tag, it’s worth a bit of explanation. Developed by a plastic surgeon with a background in biotechnology, RéVive utilizes the epidermal growth factor (EGF). In a recent GQ interview, the doctor behind this explains how it works:

“What happens is you age. The older you get, the slower the renewal process gets for your skin to replace its epidermis. One of the reasons for that are the signaling molecules in our growth factors decrease with age. So really by repleting those, that stimulates cell turnover. You can kick start the cells. It gives you what we like to call the RéVive’s “dewey glow.”

I mean, I’ll take “dewey glow” over “you look terrible” when people are describing me any day of the week. And you should too.

Clinique Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel – $28

This is a roll-on gel, meaning you place it in the refrigerator and the metal rolling ball chills. Feels like unicorn tears and is great for refreshing your eyes.

Rescue Eye Stick from Anthony Brands – $25

Sort of like a rolling gel, but in the shape of a deodorant stick. Kind of feels like your putting Speed Stick under your eyes.

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