Bar Review: McClellan’s Retreat

I give the team at McClellan’s Retreat a lot of credit for mixing things up. In addition to a solid list of cocktails and unique liqueurs, each month they put together a themed menu. In March, the theme was “guilty pleasures,” classy takes on drinks you’d be embarrassed to order in public. This month it was a riff on April Fool’s, classic drinks you know but made from ingredients not traditionally used. This is a challenging feat! But the cozy, low-lit, and charming McClellan’s nailed it.

The Drinks:

We tried almost all of them and despite the unusual combos, they all tasted like the classic version. One that really stood out was the Grandmother’s Margarita which uses no tequila but instead a Green Chile Vodka that delivers an amazing finish. The Mother’s Golden Dog features a Spiced Pear Liqueur that smells like a fresh baked pie. It had a sweetness, but it wasn’t overpowering. Their take on the classic Old Fashioned, served at room temperature, made for the perfect sipper to close out the night.

The Mother’s Golden Dog
Father’s Old Fashioned

+ Bonus Points

I love bars that have good food. It’s a rare occurrence, but when it happens – it’s magical. McClellan’s does not disappoint in this category with everything from grilled cheeses to yummy charcuterie and even a cheese plate with offerings that best some full service restaurants. I’m a sucker for cheese. I mean really, is there ever a bad time for cheese? So I opted for a 3 cheese selection and it was wonderful. The bread was perfectly crisp, the cheeses were delightful, and I contemplated licking the bottom of the container of the fig jam that was served with it.


Next time you’re looking for a great date spot or want to have a few drinks while being able to hear yourself think – I would highly recommend McClellan’s. The bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable and genuinely love the craft. The ambiance is both relaxing yet engaging. The perfect low-key spot.

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