Bantam King: DC’s Chicken Oasis

We all know one: the friend who only eats chicken.

Regardless if you’re the picky eater, or consider yourself a foodie, Bantam King, from the team behind Daikaya, has you covered.

Bantam King

From amazing chicken ramen, to fried chicken platters that literally are served on a silver platter with all the fixins, to chicken dumplings, canned sake, and more. Everything is delicious.


The ramen (they also have a vegetable option as well) is so rich and flavorful. Think of the best homemade chicken broth or classic American chicken noodle soup, and then up the concentrated flavors and double-down on the umami, and that’s what we’re talking about here.

Bantam King

The same high quality noodles they serve at Daikaya and the option to add some additional toppings all translate to Bantam King, just around the corner.


Located in a former Burger King location, the team jumped at the idea when the space came up for sale while they were actually in Sapporo eating…you guessed it, chicken ramen! The word bantam means chicken, so keeping the original “BK” and just changing the meaning is genius. Not only did they keep the original floors, and decorated the walls with colorful fast food trays, they also kept the to-go window located along the public sidewalk. Chef and co-owner Katsuya Fukushima tells us that he plans to offer an affordable late night fried chicken sandwich through the to-go window adding that it will be in whatever style with whatever ingredients they have available. I have a feeling the midnight party goers and late night tourists in the area won’t mind at all. 


The bathrooms are pretty cheeky too!

Bantam King

Don’t miss the chicken dumplings either – tender and rich, perfectly cooked, not to be missed.


But really though, if ramen isn’t your thing, or it is, regardless, get the fried chicken. Think Bojangle’s style, super crispy, crunchy exterior with piping hot, tender, juicy inside.


The fried chicken at Bantam King is some of the best fried chicken in DC. Period. The sides are amazing too: corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, mac n’ cheese, two biscuits and house made jam, along with three huge pieces of chicken, all for less than $25.


But look at this mac though!


Okay, we’re hungry now. See you at Bantam King.

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