Inside the Balvenie Rare Craft Collection’s recent DC stop

Now that the temperature is cooling down, it’s time to change up your cocktail game. Recently, I had a few drams of Scotch at ‘The Balvenie Rare Craft Collection.” With an Irish heritage and a recent trip to Scotland, I was excited to see what Balvenie had in store.

The theme of the event was that craftsmanship is alive and well in America. Before you entered the Carnegie Institute for Science guests were greeted by a Morgan +8 Roadster that has traveled to 28 states around the country experiencing America’s rare craft movement.


Once each guest had the proper snifter in hand and a guidebook your personal tasting began. There were multiple Scotch stations throughout the atrium of the Carnegie Institute. Balvenie showcased 21 different artisans from around the country. From bagpipes, customs suits, shuffleboards and a Ping-Pong table, American innovation and craftsmanship was showcased beautifully. Click here to see the full list of products that were showcased.


As a beginner in the world of Scotch drinking, I stuck to Balvenie Doublewood 12 year. I found it to be the more mild of all the options. It was smokey without being overly full of that peat flavor often associated with strong Scotch varieties. There were six different types of Scotches on hand, which would delight any Scotch enthusiast.


When I last visited Scotland, I understood why Scotch is so engrained in their heritage. From the chilly weather and the daily rainstorm, yesterday’s weather couldn’t have made me ache for a dram. With a wide selection of Scotch to choose from and a great way to show case the exciting craftsmanship throughout the country, the event felt warm and personal.

Make sure to go to #BalvenieRCC to see more photos of the event. And for that lucky man, or woman, in your life who loves Scotch, these would make amazing gifts!


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