DC Get Ready to Shake with the Bearded Bakers and Z&Z

A sense of belonging, happiness and love – aren’t these things we all pursue to achieve in our lives? Funnily enough, that is what Knafeh Bakery brings to you.

Picture taken by Josie Hayden from Herald Sun

Knafeh Bakery is a shipping container turned food truck or more like food theatre that sells a simple dessert of Palestinian origins called Knafeh but the dish is served in no ordinary way. You get your Middle Eastern version of a crème brulee with a show featuring a whole lot of dancing and singing by the Bearded Bakers (aka hot guys with beards who shake and bake – they sure know how to get the ladies hooked).

Their Knafeh is a customized version created by the Mama Baker (Nabila El Issa) where she aimed to create a lighter and fluffier version of the traditional dessert many Arabs know. (Picture from the Instagram of Knafeh Bakery New York)

Meeting with the mastermind behind Knafeh Bakery, co-founder Ameer El Issa (also known as Papa Baker) and team member Pierre Emsis was a breath of fresh air to say the least. Ameer uses Knafeh simply as a conversation starter and believes in pushing the limit in creativity and inspiring others. If you look through any of the team’s social media from the Bearded Barista to Papa Baker you get daily messages of encouragement, of pushing the limit, getting out of your comfort zone and fulfilling your purpose. It’s like having a daily dose of Oprah but with awesome food and hot bearded guys.

After meeting with Ameer and Pierre one could see they only deliver perfection, and I expect nothing less from them when they have their debut appearance in DC November 11 – 19, after having toured in Australia and New York. In DC they have partnered with another special family brand called Z&Z who specialize in Middle Eastern spices and dips (they serve, I think, the best and most authentic zaatar in the DMV area). You can find Z&Z products here, trust me you need some of that good stuff.

From the Instagram of Z&Z

Having Knafeh Bakery and Z&Z come together seems like a perfect collaboration where they both stand with strong family foundations, cultural heritage, and perfection in their delivery (there will be deep dive into Z&Z so stay tuned for our next article!).

Join me in welcoming the Bearded Bakers (serving Knafeh) teamed with Z&Z (serving Mana’eesh – middle eastern flatbreads) at the Cotton & Reed Distillery (DC’s first rum distillery) as they bake and shake their way into DC. RSVP for the event here.

When & Where:

Knafeh + Cotton & Reed

Saturday, November 11th3pm – Late
Sunday, November 12th12pm – 6

Knafeh + Cotton & Reed + Z&Z 

Thursday, November 16th5pm-Late
Friday, November 17th5pm– Late
Saturday, November 18th3pm – Late
Sunday, November 19th12pm – 6

Cotton & Reed – 1330 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

See you there ladies and gents!

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