Bad Saint – Worth the Wait?

I arrived to Bad Saint at 3:45pm for dinner – yes, 3:45pm. And after waiting until its 5:30pm opening, I almost didn’t get a table for the first seating. Following Bon Appetit’s article that named Bad Saint the second Best New Restaurant in America, I am by no means surprised. This is the place to be.

Bad Saint is a cozy, 24-seat restaurant where you can see all the cooking right in front of your eyes. Fresh ingredients, unique recipes, and kick-ass cocktails make for a superb dinner. So was it worth the wait? I will say yes – it was an experience unique to itself, with flavors unique to this city. So of course, I had to try A. LOT.


Phenomenal Menu
Balisong, a smooth sipper
The chefs prepare your meal right in front of your eyes
Kinilaw Na Hipon, shrimp and mango salad
Tocino (one of my favs), pork with garlic rice
Ensaladang Palapa, cabbage and papaya salad
Ginisang Tulya (clams with sausage) with Chinese Donuts for Dipping (obviously, this was my favorite)
Palabok, seafood and rice noodles (my least favorite)
Piniritong Isda – isn’t this gorgeous?
Piniritong Manok, weird looking fried chicken but delicious.
Coconut water soaked chia seeds, macerated berries, and dragon fruit. Healthy and delicious dessert.

On the whole, I absolutely loved my meal. The standouts were the clams and sausage, shrimp and mango salad, fried chicken, and dessert. I was disappointed by the seafood pasta the most – the flavors did not mix well. If I am being honest, the shrimp and sweet potato fritter (not pictured) was good, but just tasted like good sweet potato fries. Overall, I still highly recommend it. Filipino food is a must try, and no one does it better than Bad Saint.

Bad Saint is open everyday at 5:30pm except Tuesday. They do not accept reservations, so get there early (like, real early). And they do not accept parties greater than four. Now go get in line!

Bad Saint: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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