Baba Knows Best: #FunBrunching Edition

Arriving into Baba, (Siberian for grandmother) I instantly feel comfortable. The sister restaurant to Ambar Clarendon, which is situtated right above, was beyond charming. The cozy basement lounge features oversized cushioned chairs in a print that your grandmother would love. In fact, I’m quite positive my own baba owned both the chair and funky pattern glassware that greeted us as we sat down to try the new “fun brunching” menu. The staff is warm and eager to walk you through the different delicacies. They are excited and attentive and want you to try it all! It’s the kind of warmth that makes you feel like you are at someone’s home and not just a restaurant.

Baba’s $34 pp brunch features unlimited Balkan-styled treats such as smoked salmon crepes, handmade burek (pastries stuffed with meat or veggies and made from fresh filo dough), a french toast bar, Balkan eggs, soup, spreads, and a live DJ! That’s right, because this grandma isn’t just a regular grandma, she’s a cool grandma.

To wash down all of that deliciousness, you must try out the cocktail menu. Baba goes above and beyond your typical mimosa or Bloody Mary and instead reawakens your palette with drinks such as “Baba’s Celery Drink” with gin, lime juice, celery, cucumber juice and jalapeno. Or the “Baba and Beets” made with rum, beet juice, lime, and mint. Both taste delicious and healthy considering the fact that they are indeed alcoholic beverages! For dessert, I recommend pairing the “Time to Spare” (espresso infusion, coconut milk, cinnamon, and orange essence) with the baklava, nutella crepes, and tres lechesYou better save room! This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Here are the Top 5 reasons you need to visit Baba this weekend:

Because carbo loading while drinking is important

A spread of fresh breads, burek, croissants, and paninis

Because brunch isn’t brunch without smoked salmon (you can also find it in the crepes and eggs benedict!)

Fresh smoked salmon

Because when drinks are this fresh and colorful, it’s pretty much health food

Baba’s Celery Drink and Baba & Beets

Because this crispy fried crepe has smoked salmon inside

Smoked salmon crepe with herb kajmak, capers, and grated hard-boiled egg

Because this bar is too gorgerous to miss

The bar at Baba

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