“The Art of the Chalice” with Stella Artois

On Thursday, August 20th, Stella Artois hosted “The Art of the Chalice” event at the Ronald Reagan Building to commemorate Shaw’s new D.C. and Stella-inspired mural, created by local art duo, No Kings Collective. From 7 pm – 10 pm, guests celebrated the best of Stella Artois among some of D.C.’s most well-known culinary influencers and artists, in a truly ethereal space.

The Atrium of the Reagan Building was completely transformed into the perfect summer soireé.

At the center of the event was the Stella Artois Chalice, which by design enhances the flavor of the beer. If you’re like me and you’re thinking, my palate for beer isn’t refined enough to be affected by the glass I’m using, think again. This is not a scam, beer non-commits!

The iconic Stella Artois Chalice.

Beer expert and Master Cicerone, Max Bakker, educated guests about the science behind the iconic Chalice and explained the brand’s signature Nine Step Pouring Ritual. Chef Bart Vandaele of Belga Café and B Too demonstrated Stella’s versatility as an ingredient that can either intensify or mute a flavor in a dish.

Chef Bart Vandaele gets to work on incorporating Stella into a recipe.

While I was perhaps a little intoxicated on cider and string lights, I felt as though the party romanticized all the best elements of summer…indoors. Friends and strangers mingled freely, united over cold chalices of Stella while the local folk-rock group, Wylder, kept the mood cheerful and the energy high.

Guests mingled in between sips of Stella.

Servers were consistently a few steps away, with full platters of hors d’oeuvres at hand from B Too. The refreshing watermelon salad was my personal favorite summer dish. It paired well with the pound of smoked gouda and brie I consumed at the cheese table.

B Too’s watermelon salad is a summer staple.

Outside, a Stella brew truck served guests entranced by glass artists from the McFadden Art Glass Studio, who were making personalized chalices among other items.

As I was leaving the party, I found myself reminiscing on my favorite summer memories, nostalgic for the carefree days of summer that seemed to last forever growing up. It was a welcome reminder that even in a city that seems to constantly be pushing us in motion, we can find little moments of magic that bring us pause.

Stella Chalices were available on demand.

The best part of the event? The party favor! Every guest walked away with a limited edition Stella Artois Chalice, engraved with the No Kings Collective mural. Now that’s something to drink to!

No Kings Collective’s mural is now on display across from Howard Theater in Shaw.

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