Shaw’s All Purpose Bottomless Brunch is Winning so Hard

What do we all hate about the over-hyped “bottomless brunch?”

Slow service, weak drinks, weaker refills, and food that is just “meh” while the screaming Beckys and Chads recount their tales from the night before. It has literally become the worst thing in DC.

Well, we can’t promise Becky and Chad won’t be there, but we can assure you that the new bottomless brunch at All Purpose in Shaw has smashed all of these negative stereotypes and delivers food, service and drinks that are out of this world amazing.

The Brunch Details:

$21 Bottomless Brunch with the purchase of a specialty brunch item or pizza. Saturdays and Sundays 11am – 2:30pm. Offer good for 2 hours after seating, and last refills are at 2:30pm. Choose between:
  • Aperol Spritz
  • Mimosa (freshly squeezed OJ and Prosecco)
  • Bellini (Prosecco / white peach puree)
  • Bloody Mary (vodka, tomato juice, lemon)

The next time you have a group brunch, or just want to start Saturday or Sunday with a delicious and fun brunch, you must make All Purpose Shaw your next stop, and add it to your regular rotation!

Classic Aperol Spritz
SICILIAN DISCO FRIESfried potatoes, arugula, Sicilian hot sauce, parm fonduta, chives. Insanely good!

Pro-tip, as seen above, mix up the Disco Fries to discover the hidden Parmesan Fonduta at the bottom. It has a nice cooling and creamy effect on the slightly spicy Sicilian hot sauce. It’s like Paulie from up north punched your home fries in the mouth, in the best way possible.

THE JERSEY SPECIALbaked egg, cheddar & pistachio-studded mortadella on a house-baked roll

If you don’t get this while you are there for brunch, you should seriously rethink your life plans in general. Because you are not making sound decisions. Ever heard of a Jersey Taylor Pork Roll, it’s sort of like that. Fried house made mortadella and a gooey super cheesy baked egg. What more do you want or need?!? Oh, and there’s some vegetation of some sorts on the side with a very nice bright dressing if you’re into that sort of thing.

Okay, pizza time. There are tons of classics you can get for dinner, but you HAVE to check out the two brunch-style pizzas.

SONNY Ctomato, mozz, capicola bacon, poached egg, Calabrian chilies, red onion, sweet peppers (top). BURLINGTONmozz, white cheddar, pepreroncini, breakfast sausage, poached egg, maple syrup (bottom).

The Sonny C pictured on top is tangy with the chillies and peppers. Super flavorful and great with an egg smeared all over it.

However the Burlington tastes like a Southern breakfast casserole or “egg bake” in pizza form. The creamy cheese, the breakfast sausage with its savory fennel punch, and the egg, all combined and finished with the maple syrup sweetness makes this literally the absolute best breakfast / brunch pizza dish in Washington, D.C. Without a doubt!

The Burlington brunch pizza from All Purpose Shaw

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