The Green Fairy Brings her Magic to 14th Street NW

Oscar Wilde said it best,

Ater the first glass of absinthe you see things as you wish they were. After the second you see them as they are not. Finally you see things as they really are…

Ah yes, absinthe, The Green Fairy, that magicall potion that hugs your insides like a sweater and makes your mind equaly as fuzzy.

Enter La Fee Verte (which means The Greeny Fairy) on the rooftop of Mova Lounge on 14th Street NW. The owners are creating a absinthe themed speakeasy, on a roof. I guess that works – is a rooftop much different than a basement? Both are unseen from the regular establishment and the street, so why not?

So, you know where it is, but don’t expect to just show up. There is a private, unpublished number you have to text, and you can sit for a 2 hour period on Wednesday through Sunday.

Open July 1st, so start snooping and keep a look out for the number!

Pictured below, a traditional absinthe pour – cold ice water filters through and drips over sugar cubes placed on slotted spoons over the absinthe.

absinthe system


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