A DC Pizza Hot Take

Some people like their pizza one way and one way only. To me, there’s not right or wrong when it comes to pizza. There’s just different. It depends on your mood, vibe, and the taste you are looking for at that moment – that’s it. Like thin crust? Great! No red sauce? Okay! Greasy? FOR SURE!

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely things that can make a pizza bad! But this is not about that. This is about finding the right pizza for your mood. 

Emmy Squared

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New to town is Emmy Squared. This Detroit-style pizza opened in Shaw earlier this year. This pizza is square and baked in a pan so all the toppings AND cheese are distributed around the whole pie. The best part of the pizza is the cheese that has oozed down and crusted over the edges giving it a caramelized crispy delicious taste. Don’t be fooled by the thick crust. This is no deep dish pizza. The crust is soft enough that it feels light and fluffy when you’re eating it, it doesn’t take over from all the good stuff. If you want feel good pizza with that crispy gooey cheesy crust, that’s filling, and yummy, Emmy Squared is a good choice. 

Echo Park

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Echo Park recently opened replacing Gaslight Tavern. This is the place to go if you’re looking for good vibes, and some drinks to sip along with your pizza. Don’t let the over $20 pizzas scare you away. It makes sense, they are huge pies. Enough for at least 3 people to share. You can also get just one slice for $4/$5. The Pizza is actually the well-known Andy’s Pizza. And the best addition is the table side Mike’s Hot Honey that I highly recommend drizzling on top of any slice.  The pizza is good, but the best part about it is being able to sit at a bar, next to a fire, enjoy some drinks and munch on some pizza. 

Sonny’s Pizza

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Sonny’s is all about the vibe, way less about the pizza. One of the best DC hidden bars is No Kisses. Tucked away in between Colony Club and Sonny’s Pizza is a hidden bar with an awesome outdoor patio (Colony Clubs daytime patio). This is the perfect place to sit at tables with friends, enjoy the outdoors, a drink or two and just a slice of ‘za. If you like tomato sauce and thick crust you’re bound to like this Grandma Style Pizza. 


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If you want to feel like you are in a New York City restaurant enjoying a delicious New York style pizza, head to All-Purpose. This mood-lit restaurant will give you all the retro diner vibes and serve you fancy NY style pizzas to fill you up. (Pro tip: If you aren’t in the mood for the whole sit down restaurant thing, the best move is to order take out and head next store to Lost and Found where they let you bring in your own food.) 


Best late night pizza in the game. After a night on the town and you need something to fill your belly, there is absolutely no other than Ducchinis. This is the perfect jumbo slice pizza to end any night. (Also the full pizzas are still really good!)


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&pizza is the best quick, fast-casual option. The option to make your own, with so many toppings and it comes out hot and ready to eat within minutes. It’s not the best pizza around, but it’s actually tasty, and you can get exactly what you want –  it’s a great fast-casual option. 

2 Amys

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If you want really tasty, mouth watering, delicious, normal pizza, 2 Amy’s Neapolitan Pizzeria is your place. The wood-fired pizza is really nothing too crazy, different or unique. However the flavor is all there with the delicious bubbly crusts and fresh toppings.  For your simple, traditional, but really tasty pizza, 2 Amy’s is the place to go.

Timber Pizza

Looking for unique flavors and toppings on your pizza, but still keeping it classy? Yup, that’s what Timber Pizza does for you. Take traditional wood-fire pizza and throw on just a few unique toppings like spicy honey, sweet peppers, sweet potato, or fruit jam (not all on one pizza). Timber gives you your classic pizzas but introduces you to new ingredients and flavors without being too crazy. If you’re looking for pizza that will truly never disappoint, is completely proportionate, and really super delicious, I say head over to Timber Pizza as it is satisfying for pretty much any mood (It’s the #1 winner in my book.).

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