The 11 Emotional Steps of Finishing Graduate School

  1. It’s the last month of graduate school. All your deadlines are coming up and the world is caving in upon you. There’s no way you will get all this done in time.

  1.   It’s the weekend before your papers are due. In a sense, you’ve made some progress, but in another sense you’ve done basically nothing.

  1. You’re trying to focus, but you keep scrolling through your phone and glaring at everyone’s tweets about patio drinking and outdoor jogging.

  1. Tonight is the night – your last paper. Your eyes are raw from too much backlight exposure. You convert that effing paper into a PDF and prepare to hit “send.”

  1. The moment after you hit send.

  1. It’s done. It’s over. You consider taking four shots of Jack Daniels, but then you have a way better idea…sleep (finally)!

  1. It’s the morning after. For a moment after you wake up, you forget where you are and who you are but then you realize…

  1. It’s real! You’re really done! Still in disbelief, you wander into the kitchen. You decide to make a gigantic, Instagram-worthy breakfast. Because you can. Because you don’t have anything else to do. Is this real life?

  1. The work week resumes. You go to work and come home. And for the first time in forever, the evening is yours.

  1. What do you want to do? Nap? Netflix? Cheese? Netflix and cheese? Happy hour? Bubble bath? Happy hour IN a bubble bath?? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE QUITE LITERALLY ENDLESS!

  1. This is your life now. A person with free nights and weekends. Now…let’s see how long it lasts before you go stir crazy and pick up a weird hobby (like starting a food blog…see what I did there?).

Congrats graduates!

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