Welcome to the new HungryLobbyist.com re-launched in January 2013 with more features, special content items, and new ways for you to interact with us. Below is a quick run-through of some of the features/columns on the new site.

The Blog

Our blog roll will contain general musings about lobbying, the DC food scene, event postings, recipes, as well as restaurant reviews and more.

Restaurant Reviews

While also posted on the blog, we’ll pull out all the restaurant reviews and list them under the menu item so they’re easy to find when you need a quick bite or have to make a last minute client dinner reservation. They’re also divided into three convenient categories.

  • K Street Classics – here you’ll find reviews and recommendations of some of Washington DC’s most popular lobbyist haunts. K Street is historically known to house some of the areas biggest law firms and lobbying shops. As such, many of the tried-and-true staples still dot this street and the surrounding areas. This section will provide you with the classic DC restaurants both on K Street, and in the downtown and Capitol Hill surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Off the Lobbyist Path – sometimes the traditional steak house with black napkins just doesn’t cut it. Here we’ll provide you with some alternative, and even more adventurous options. From Korean food in Dupont, to Peking Duck in Alexandria – these restaurants are sure to impress your most adventurous guests.
  • Lobbyist On the Run – Don’t have time for the standard three-martini lunch? No problem. DC has become home to almost one-hundred of the best food trucks in the country. Sometimes, a quick bite between meetings is all you need. We’ll provide your mobile food truck reviews here.

Lobbyist Lifestyle

Not sure what to wear to your interview with a new start-up firm? Is your baggy, pleated suit just not cutting it in your trendy, high-end office? Do you need more reasons not to carry a “man-bag”? This new section will provide you with reviews of some of DC’s best tailors, custom suit makers, and clothing stores, as well as keep you up-to-date on the latest trends, styles, must have accessories, and more.

Feasting Famously

A collaborative brain-child between The Hungry Lobbyist and the popular website FamousDC.com, “Feasting Famously” is a bi-monthly interview column where we sit down with the hottest DC chefs, local celebrities, food bloggers, politicos, and more to get their take on not only the DC food scene, but where they’re eating and what’s lurking in their fridge. This unique food perspective from your favorite District Dwellers can’t be found anywhere else and is available exclusively on FamousDC.com.