WearsDC – The District’s Newest Fashion Guru

Did everyone catch my play on words here? Because we’d be off to a really rough start if not.

Seriously, where is DC in the fashion world? By no means are we represented by the way we look or dress – we are the hub of America. People Waka-flock here to pursue their dream in politics, law, and politics. What might be unknown to most is that you’d be giving up an arm and half a leg to afford living here, and will spend the majority of your commute sitting in traffic or suffocating on a metro train.


Whatever the reason, DC welcomes you. This city is filled with opportunity, heartache (hello sports fans), a rhythmic and vibrant social scene, and of course the endless abundance of the most diverse foods you can try, to which, so beautifully embodies the culture and beauty that make up this city. For me, these are the few, of very many reasons why I can’t seem to escape this place. Not to go too far into my realm of explaining the perks of living here, I’m intrigued mostly with our social scene. To my dismay, I’ve realized that the presence of fashion in DC is, well, unprecedented.

Let me first begin by saying: I appreciate the well dressed. I am an enthusiast; a fashion-minded, mid-twenties millennial, hoping to shine the light on DC with my personal knowledge and experience, wanting to shake the hands of those bold, daring individuals who know how to dress, and look ridiculously good doing it.

We’re not far from starting our own trends, and so I hope to be your guide and voice – to represent the fearless from the frumpy, acknowledging that the District of Columbia can do more than pass legislation.

So who am I? I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures with you – but it’ll be done one better if you all meet me halfway. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@WearsDC), and stay tuned to future blog postings here on HungryLobbyist.com, as I muster a variety of new topics and stalk DC dwellers on their way to work or walking to get lunch to capture my take on daily DC. Who knows when I’ll be watching, so strut your stuff – because I will find you. And I will write about you. *Liam Neeson Voice*


New posts coming soon!

Keep it vibin’, DC!



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