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Kushi Izakaya Keeps Things Legit

“What the hell does that mean?” is likely what you are asking yourself, thinking, or maybe searching the Google machine to figure out. Let me provide some translation. Kushi is a Izakaya restaurant in DC. Izakaya is a traditional Japanese drinking establishment or bar which also serves food. They are […]

Restaurant Review

Pho Golden Cow, Falls Church

There is something mysteriously seductive about pho (pronounced fuh) . The entire experience; seeking a good and preferably shady, non-English speaking establishment hopefully in a strip mall. The anticipation of waiting for your bowl of hot, soothing, spicy goodness being brought to your table. The first sip of the concentrated […]


Perfect “No Grill” Ribs

Guess what DC? It’s going to be about a million degrees this weekend. That means indoors, AC, shade, or pool. So unless you are a masochist or you have to wear water wings while eating soup, standing in front of a 250-degree grill this weekend for three hours will not […]

Restaurant Review

PORC Mobile Food Truck

Are you from the South? Did your meeting with Duke Energy leave you longing for the taste of home? Well get on your mobile computer machine and find this food truck. Grab a bite, and keep on trucking. Believe it or not, even though DC is technically under the Mason-Dixon […]


El Floridano, Food Truck

The Cuban or Cubano sandwich is done best when it is simple and fresh. And the best Cuban or Cubano sandwich in DC is from a food truck . The El Floridano food truck truck delivers an amazingly crispy, hot pressed sandwich packed with sliced pork, pickles, swiss cheese, and […]