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Andie, Restaurant Review

New Burger Alert: Sloppy Mama’s

Sloppy Mama‘s typically known for their delicious BBQ served in Union Market, food truck or Solly’s Tavern kitchen and savory BBQ sauces has a new concept for you to fall in love with. Sloppy Mama’s just launched a pop up restaurant online where you can order Butters’ Burgers! Just last […]

Macy, Restaurant Review

Circa Bistro Navy Yard

Circa Bistro is well-known and loved by many in D.C., and they just opened a new Navy Yard location. I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. It was my first time at any of the Circa locations and I’ll admit, I was blown away. Each cocktail and […]

Hailie, Restaurant Review

“Taste The South Supper” at Succotash

Succotash is an enchanting, Southern-style restaurant led by celebrity chef Edward Lee. Lee is famous for adding a touch of Korean-inspired flavors to his creations at his restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky, and now at his second Succotash location in Washington D.C. The restaurant comes to life in the old Equitable […]

Raquel, Restaurant Review

Maydan is a journey of flavors

The hidden entrance Maydan is practically hidden to the people who walk through Florida Avenue naive to its existence. It’s down a magical alley  where you may catch yourself thinking: “Is this the right place?” Yes, it is! You just have to go underneath a colorful bridge and the door […]

Gabby, Restaurant Review

Old Town, New Eats: Urbano 116

The hotly anticiapted Urbano 116 opened last month and I’m confident now that King Street will never be the same. The first endeavor in the United States for award winning chef Alam Méndez Florián, Urbano 116 offers moles, tacos, ceviche and a cocktail program that will knock your socks off. Urbano 116 is a real authentic, upscale […]


7 DC-Area Beers To Drink In Flagship February

Babe Ruth, in addition to his claim as (probably) the best baseball player ever, was a prodigious beer drinker with well-developed and modern views on the combination of water, hops, yeast, and barley. The man really cared about the brewers, not just the beer. Here’s something he said once: “Sometimes […]