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Andie, Restaurant Review

New Burger Alert: Sloppy Mama’s

Sloppy Mama‘s typically known for their delicious BBQ served in Union Market, food truck or Solly’s Tavern kitchen and savory BBQ sauces has a new concept for you to fall in love with. Sloppy Mama’s just launched a pop up restaurant online where you can order Butters’ Burgers! Just last […]

Macy, Restaurant Review

Circa Bistro Navy Yard

Circa Bistro is well-known and loved by many in D.C., and they just opened a new Navy Yard location. I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. It was my first time at any of the Circa locations and I’ll admit, I was blown away. Each cocktail and […]

Hailie, Restaurant Review

“Taste The South Supper” at Succotash

Succotash is an enchanting, Southern-style restaurant led by celebrity chef Edward Lee. Lee is famous for adding a touch of Korean-inspired flavors to his creations at his restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky, and now at his second Succotash location in Washington D.C. The restaurant comes to life in the old Equitable […]

Raquel, Restaurant Review

Maydan is a journey of flavors

The hidden entrance Maydan is practically hidden to the people who walk through Florida Avenue naive to its existence. It’s down a magical alley  where you may catch yourself thinking: “Is this the right place?” Yes, it is! You just have to go underneath a colorful bridge and the door […]