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Quarter + Glory Is Your New Go-To Spot

We’ve told you about Quarter + Glory’s rum punch bonanza, and we’ve told you that Quarter + Glory may be the best happy hour in DC. Now we’re here to tell you that Quarter + Glory should be your new go-to spot…for everything. They’ve been crushing the cocktail game for […]

Gabby, Seasonal

Pumpkin & Spice: A Power Couple

I love fall. I love the clothes, walking the streets without sweating, and the festive treats that make you feel cozy the moment you dig in. While the very controversial Pumpkin Spice Latte has taken center stage on pumpkin flavored treats, here is a list of other tasty creations that […]

Dana, Recipe

Five Ingredient Pulled Buffalo Chicken

So fantasy football season is here, time to expand your spread, point wise and food wise, know whaddimean? There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones that follow the recipe exactly and the one’s that don’t! I’m one of those “one’s that don’t” people which is why […]