Old Town, New Eats: Urbano 116

The hotly anticiapted Urbano 116 opened last month and I’m confident now that King Street will never be the same. The first endeavor in the United States for award winning chef Alam Méndez Florián, Urbano 116 offers moles, tacos, ceviche and a cocktail program that will knock your socks off. Urbano 116 is a real authentic, upscale presentation of Mexican food in a comfortable and chic atmosphere.

I will never look at tacos the same after biting into the tortilla at Urbano. Tortillas are made in house and enhanced by nixtamalization, a 48 hour process in which the heirloom Oaxacan corn is soaked, washed, then hulled. MThe attention to detail for every item on this menu does not go unnoticed. Taco offerings have something for everyone with options from fish to lengua to vegetarian. One of my favorite tacos is the tlacolula lamb barbacoat. The meat is slow cooked for hours and topped with avocado sauce, tomatillo, cabbage, and cilantro.

The flavor profile of all the moles and salsas takes your taste buds on an adventure trying to guess what in the world is in it to make it so delicious. It is so complex that all you can do is quietly continue to stuff it into your mouth in pure bliss.

Some other stand outs include the grilled tlayuda, pollutes (plantain croquettes), and the rockfish ceviche amarillo.

Rockfish Ceviche Amarillo:

Pollutes (plantain croquettes):

Grilled Tlayuda:

Pork Belly with Fruit Mole (my favorite one!), Sweet Potato Puree, Grilled Pineapple, Plantain, Carrots:

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