Gibson Launches Spring/Summer Menu

If you love cocktails, you’ve probably already made your way to the Gibson on 14th St at least once. Well, it’s time to go back again they launch their Spring/Summer menu on May 8th. As expected, it is a very interesting and eclectic mix of drinks, with classic ingredients brought around in a fresh way.

If you are in the mood for whiskey – try their “No Apologies”, with whiskey, aperol, mastiha (a Greek spirit with flavors similar to liquorice).

drink 2

Or a , and bitters, or the “Playing Dirty” – with green bean pickle brine (and a green bean pickle garnish!).

drink 3

Gin drinks more up your alley? Try the “Penelope” with pear liqueur, lime, simple syrup and absinthe.

There are also a number of other options – mezcal, pisco, champagne based, so whatever you prefer – refreshing, sour, sweet, strong, – you will find something on the menu, with equally interesting names! Also, make any drink a punch for $42-$45, which serves 3-5 people.

Click here for the full 2015 menu: The Gibson_2015 summer menu (1)

And of course, the bartenders are always happy to make you a specific concoction based on your preferences.

I love the atmosphere of the speakeasy style bar, but the tree shaded patio is where you will find me enjoying these summer drinks.  
Remember to make reservations!

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