A Day’s Worth of D.C. Drinks: Fall Flavors

Ahhh, fall in Washington – no tourists, no humidity, no problems. It’s the best time of year to scoop up the last of the year’s farmer’s market finds, bundle up for a patio brunch in chilly (but beautifully sunny) weather and slurp up all the seasonal libations our city has to offer. We’ve rounded up a day’s worth of D.C. drinks that perfectly capture the essence of autumn.

Morning – Compass Coffee

Pumpkin Chai Latte, Ginger Latte and Apple Cider

With two locations in Shaw (7th Street and The Shay), Compass Coffee has become a quick favorite of sip-savvy Washingtonians. The menu almost has too many options to choose, but owners Harrison and Michael made sure I had their most sensational seasonal beverages.



Fans of pumpkin will swoon over the pumpkin chai latte, while those looking for a new take on fall will enjoy the unique flavor of the ginger latte. The cider was one of the absolute best I’ve ever tasted – the apple flavor was so fresh, infused with fall spices and just the right amount of sweetness. As the mural on the wall indicates, everything is made in D.C., meaning Compass Coffee is truly capturing our city’s taste of fall.

Afternoon – JRINK

Pumpkin Chai


Although Compass Coffee is the perfect way to start any day, Washingtonians grow weary by the afternoon. The cure? Power up with a bottle of JRINK’s Pumpkin Chai. Packed with nutrients – tigernuts, natural pumpkin, pea protein, sacha inchi, dates, vanilla, sea salt, lucuma and chai spices – the pumpkin chai is JRINK’s “guilt-free fall fling in a bottle.” As any sip savvy D.C.’er knows, JRINK can be found in Dupont, Blagden Alley (with its fabulous floral sign), Metro Center, Falls Church and (soon!) Foggy Bottom. So many juicy jrinks, so little time!

Evening In – Greenheart Organic

Sunflower Fields Handmade Nutmilk


Sometimes even the most seasonal among us can’t muster up an after-work outing – even if their day was fueled by Compass Coffee and JRINK. It’s in times like this when a warm, soothing cup of milk is the answer. Crafted in Leesburg, Greenheart Organic has a huge following in the Virginia farmer’s market scene (but will be making their way across the Potomac soon!). In addition to cold-pressed juices, Greenheart makes the most scrumptious nutmilks (seriously, I’ve loathed milk my entire life and drank three different Greenheart flavors straight from the bottle). When you’re ready to fall asleep, warm up a cup of Sunflower Fields almond milk made from unpasteurized raw almonds, medjool dates, turmeric, ceylon cinnamon, raw local unfiltered honey, vanilla bean and himalayan pink salt.

Evening Out – ANXO Cider Club at Petworth’s Colony Club

Apple Demonstration and Superb Cider Selection

For the autumn enthusiast not quite ready to fall asleep, however, it’s time to head to Petworth’s Colony Club on Georgia Avenue. It’s here where DC’s first cidery and winery, ANXO (pronounced an-shaw), is hosting a monthly Cider Club pop-up, called ANXO Sightings, until its official opening on Florida Avenue next year. The evening begins on Colony Club’s patio, where Beverage Director Tim Prendergast (one of D.C.’s first cicerones – a sommelier for cider) provides explanations and samples of the Mid-Atlantic apples used for ANXO’s cider.




Afterwards, guests can linger on the patio for full bottles of Basque and Asturian cider and learn how to pour like the Basques using ANXO’s new escanciadors, tools to help pour cider from impressive heights. Guests can also wander back inside for a selection of 20+ fine ciders and perries, including ANXO’s first collaborative cider with Millstone Cellars.



Even better, guests can pair their cider with pinxtos, a Spanish term for “small snack.” ANXO’s next Petworth pop-up will be on Friday, December 11 beginning at 5:45 PM – don’t miss out!

If you haven’t had enough fall flavors by the end of this day, you are truly autumn’s greatest enthusiast and I salute you. Now get out, drink up and invite your friends to a celebration of Washington’s most deliciously seasonal libations.

Compass Coffee: WebsiteInstagram | Twitter | Facebook 

JRINK: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Greenheart Organic: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

ANXO: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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