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China Riddle, Product Review

Happy Birthday, Whisked!

Bakeries are always there to make goodies for our birthdays, but what happens when it’s the bakery’s birthday? A delicious cookie, pie and pizza palooza. At least, that’s what happens when you’re beloved Washington bakery, Whisked! Founded in 2011 by Jenna, a PR-pro-turned-baking-blogger, Whisked! is a wholesale bakery with products […]

China Riddle, Product Review

Shake Shack x Erik Bruner-Yang: Crispy Peking Chicken Sandwich

ATTENTION ALL DMV DINERS. Beloved burger behemoth Shake Shack just announced its collaboration with Chef Erik Bruner-Yang. As the mastermind behind Maketto’s Taiwanese Fried Chicken, it’s no surprise Bruner-Yang’s take on the popular Chick’n Shack comes with a delicious Asian twist. Behold, the Crispy Peking Chicken Sandwich. Lovers of the […]