Don’t Sleep on Bulgarian Wine!

Did you know Bulgaria has been making wine as far back as the Stone Age and the Thracians? That’s about 9000 years ago! And they were the largest supplier of wine to the Soviet Union? And Sir Winston Churchill reportedly ordered 500 liters of Bulgaria’s wine every year?

Also, Chef Geoff’s serves them as his house wine!


Today, Bulgaria is slowly earning the reputation of a world class wine producer, and I had the chance to taste Bulgarian wines at a recent event at Chef Geoff’s downtown.

Now, I am no wine connoisseur, but I can recognize a good value for money wine when I taste one. The Bulgariana Sauvignon Blanc 2013, aged only in stainless tanks, refreshing and fresh, with a slight acidity. This wine received 89 points from Wine Enthusiast, if that means more to you. The K Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 was a red I very much enjoyed – medium bodied and easy to drink. This was a wine that I could pair with any meal.


The Bulgarian local grape “Mavrud” produces a deep red wine that is unique to Bulgaria. It was my first time trying a Mavrud, and I was pleasantly surprised by the soft taste and dark (almost black) color.

But here’s the best part. Almost all the 15 or so wines we tasted were under $20, and many were under $10 – and this is good wine we are talking about.

So, take your wine palette to Eastern Europe and give Bulgarian wines a chance. They are readily available in many local stores and restaurant, HERE IS a full list of where to find them in the area.

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