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Stop “Working for the Weekend”

Elephant in the room: DC is a city of overachievers. I guess I’m not surprised. We live in one of the most (over)educated, politically-charged cities in the world. Everyone is constantly sizing each other up. I’ve heard DC locals compete over having the longest commute or the worst landlord, like […]


The Short List: DC Weekend Happy Hours

I am a born-and-bred New Englander and I love it up there, but in Massachusetts, we don’t have happy hours. I know – it’s a vile, repugnant thought. Legally, bars and restaurants in my home state cannot reduce the price of alcohol at any time for any reason, which means […]

Lizzie, Recipe

Easy Drunken Cranberry Walnut Pie Recipe

Spoiler alert: the pie is not the only drunk thing in this story.   I did not go home for Thanksgiving this year, so I joined a friend and her family up in Maryland. Last week, as I was daydreaming about what savory side dish I would bring, my oven […]