Author: Lizzie


10 Ways I’m Spending November in DC

Man, I love this time of year. Humidity is out. Crockpots and fleece-lined leggings are in. September through December is collectively my favorite chunk of the calendar, but November is especially fabulous. We still have all these holidays to look forward to and every night feels like an excuse to […]


The 2017 RAMMY Award Nominations Are In

Get your ballots ready and pop the champagne – RAMMY SEASON IS HERE! RAMMY nominations were announced in style Monday evening in The Hamilton Live room. Nominees from the categories set up tasting stations and cocktail samples. DC newscaster Eun Yang presented the nominees on stage. Joan Hisaoka Allied Member of the […]


How To Avoid The Post-Holiday Blues

Are you obsessed with the holiday season? Does your heart burst when you see the streets strewn with lights and the Christmas trees twinkling through the townhouse windows? Do you “accidentally” leave the Hallmark channel on and hide the remote so that low budget holiday movies will play all day […]