Author: Hill Betch

Hill Betch

Seven Stages of Hating Your Job

Hate your job? Cool. Me too. For five minutes, or five years, we’ve all been there. It can take people years to find the perfect job. Here are the stages of work-hating grief, and how to cope. 1. Denial *cries inside nightly* 2. Isolation We all know the feeling. You want to […]

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Seven Rules for Holiday Parties on the Hill

Now that the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping, it’s everyone’s favorite time on the Hill: the Holiday season! Lots of time off, closed offices, and most importantly, free happy hours & receptions. Here are Hill Betch’s Seven Rules for Holiday Parties on the Hill: 1. RSVP to […]

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#Funemployment in DC

As Majority Leader Reid’s recent retirement announcement has reminded us all, no Capitol Hill staffer is safe from unemployment. It can happen any time, election season or not. But when election season rolls around, the infinite wisdom of the American people can have us on our way out of these […]