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Hungry Lobbyist
Founder & Editor

A DC lobbyist with a serious food addiction and a casting finalist for 2012 Chopped “Amateur Chefs” on The Food Network. His Instagram page was named by Thrillist as one of the top Instagram’s in DC to follow, and was named to the Washington Life Magazine “Young & The Guest List” in 2013 and 2014, recognized for his founding of and his day job.




She’s a true Italian food lover since day one.  Literally, she had no other choice; she comes from an Italian background with her first three words being spaghetti, pizza and meatballs. Annie is a former early childhood education teacher that is now transitioning into the food industry and couldn’t be more excited! If she’s not switching up old family recipes in the kitchen, you can find her chowing down to every other type of cuisine our nation’s capital has to offer. When she’s not eating her way through the District, she’s blogging over at Little Chef A!




Wanderlust at heart, Aparna has been in the District since 2010 and spends her day in the corporate world. By night she is eating and drinking around the city. When not obsessing over food, she can be found playing a drum with Batala Washington or planning her next vacation. Favorite thing about DC –bottomless brunch!


China Riddle
Contributor & Urban Bourbon Columnist

China is a new-era Washingtonian with the unfortunate dilemma of wanting to eat her way through DC, while somehow still fitting in her pants. When she’s not working Downtown, you can catch her on the weekends biking to and from bakeries to to ease the guilt of having eaten three cupcakes. As a Kentucky native, her #UrbanBourbon column will keep you informed of the best Bourbon in the District!



Clare Sheehan
Contributor & DC ‘Wich Hunt Columnist

Clare is a born and bread New Yorker (see what she did there?) who’s undying love for sandwiches began with bites of her father’s deli-bought bacon, egg, and cheeses on the way to school. Her ‘wich hunt has taken her far and wide, from the shores of Scotland during four wonderful years of university all the way to the streets of our great nation’s capital as of July 2015. When not searching for sammies around the district and writing our DC ‘Wich Hunt column here and on Instagram, she can be found picking out ripe avocados, watching re-runs of the Sopranos, and counting down the days until Thanksgiving. Yes, a burrito is a sandwich. 



Hill Betch

A former Hill staffer anonymously known as “Hill Betch” is a Midwestern girl who’s a southerner at heart, and loves life on the east coast. But while she loved the Hill life, she left for bigger and better things. But that doesn’t mean she’s not gonna rant about it and the people who used to frequent her halls on the reg. Her motto is, “Happy hour is your friend, humidity is the enemy, and Hill interns are a joke.”



Justine has been hungry for the past 23 years. She specializes in eating market-priced entrées in expensive restaurants she cannot afford. She offsets (a small portion) of her meal expenses by working as a political consultant on campaigns for candidates, issue-advocacy groups and political action committees. She previously worked in corporate law firms in the food meccas of Chicago and Paris. She has always contended that her true talent is finding and documenting a good meal. As the proud graduate of an Advanced Digital Photography high school course, she has no shame in doing what it takes to get the shot: Justine will stand on the chair of any dining establishment to capture an aesthetically-pleasing birds-eye view of her plate.



A proud Massachusetts native and even prouder DC foodie, Lizzie has been eating and drinking her way through The District since 2008 and runs DistrictFood on Instagram. Despite work and a full-time grad student schedule, Lizzie finds ample time to cook at home and also treat herself to all the food and drink DC has to offer. When she’s not sipping a Manhattan or munching on avocado toast, she’s giving herself a leopard-print manicure and binge watching Investigation Discovery.



Contributor & WearsDC Columnist

When she’s not speaking with her mouth full or passed out due to a food-induced coma, Minnie spends her days nomming through DC and finding any acceptable means to explore the city through the passage of food, art, and overall curiosity; preferably with a glass of wine at hand. As our resident fashion guru, she is also the author of our Wears DC column, dissecting the trends and giving her insight on what she believes the District needs to revamp this style limited city. Minnie’s knowledge as a long-time DMV resident has given her the opportunity to familiarize with the in’s and out’s of “Daily DC” – as she likes to refer it – and can pick out a tourist from a townie with a blink of an eye. Follow her as she brings a sense of mind to the Nation’s Capitol with her style (on fleek) and urban taste.



Contributor; “The Road Less Traveled” Columnist

Natasha is a true California girl at heart, down to earth with a sunny disposition. While she is constantly peppered with questions as to why she relocated to DC from paradise, Frost’s Road Not Taken has indisputably influenced everything from her move, to her food selection. She loves exploring the varied array of dining options D.C. has to offer, from ethnic cuisine to brunch fanfare. Fun Fact: Natasha has her picture(s) posted on the wall of Shanghai Lounge in Georgetown as she dines there far too often!



Past Contributors & Archived Columns


Born and raised a true Maryland girl, Courtney doesn’t just think of Old Bay as an occasional seasoning, but rather a staple. With just a year of DC politics under her belt, she has learned many life lessons, with one of the most important being the value of a good Happy Hour. As a new resident, she is ready to start checking off her expansive DC bucket list, hoping to find a few places to call home along the way. Best DC advice given so far: brunch should be treated as a marathon, not a sprint.


Hungry Girls DC

A dynamic duo comprised of friends and colleagues C&M. Obsessed with food and drink, people watching, travel, perfecting the art of sarcasm and generally just having a good time with good people – C&M thoroughly believe that life’s just not worth living if it’s not filled with fantastic food and humorous company. Both are current residents of the District, and they’ve lived and traveled all over the world, bringing discerning tongues to the table.