Tupelo Honey, Your New Spot for Southern Comfort Food

When people go out to dine, they typically are looking for an experience that leaves them uplifted. Uplifted in terms of having had a delicious meal that spurred their tastes buds with service that made them feel welcomed and comfortable enough to mistake that they were at home. At Tupelo Honey I got exactly that.

What first blew me away was the incredible hospitality from the manager to the servers. You can see genuine hospitality was part of their culture. Another thing that is part of their culture is always delivering real good southern comfort food as you will see from the below food adventure we embarked on. Lets dig in.

We started off our night with their most popular appetizers: Fried Okra and Fried Green Tomatoes.

Fried Okra with Carolina White Sauce
Fried Green Tomatoes: Basil | goat cheese grits | roasted red pepper coulis

The fried green tomatoes are what really stood out for me. I never knew tomatoes could ever taste this good and I think I was almost fooled to thinking I was eating an awesome burger… Yes it was that good. Don’t believe me? That only means you have to try it for yourself! Note, the Okra dish is available fried or grilled.

For the main course we tried the Sweet-Tea Roasted Chicken and my personal favorite, the Tupelo Shrimp & Grits (without the chorizo). The Shrimp & Grits combined flavors, fresh shrimp and comforting creamy goat cheese grits definitely made this my favorite, and the best part is this dish is gluten-free! For our gluten-free readers they also have in-house made gluten-free bread.

Chorizo | Peperonata | Adluh goat cheese grits

The Roasted Chicken itself was a good meal with plenty of flavor. The sides we picked to pair with the chicken did not complement the flavors. The basil & butter green beans lacked flavor and the honey roasted brussels & hominy were average. I would recommend getting this dish with different sides, and do let us know what you think of them!

Sweet Tea Brined Half Bird | Grain Mustard Sauce | Served with Basil & Butter Green Beans and Honey Roasted Brussels & Hominy

Now that we finished the appetizers and main course, the stomach space for dessert was quite small given the portions at Tupelo Honey are huge! But we couldn’t leave without satisfying our sweet tooth. The dishes sent to us from the Chef blew us away. My personal favorite was the banana caramel infused dish that created fireworks in my mouth.

Made out of: Yum.

So lets recap on why we loved Tupelo Honey and why you should visit:

  1. Real good people will host you
  2. Those real good people will cook and serve you real delicious southern food
  3. They have a year round open patio that’s open whenever there is sunshine AND it’s pet friendly
  4. Everything is local so while eating you will be supporting your local state
  5. You can leave with a jar of their very own Tupelo Honey
  6. They have an incredibly long list of drinks to choose from so you will 99.9% never get bored there
  7. If you are looking for an awesome dinner for two or a huge party, they have a great menu set-up for all party sizes.

What are you waiting for? Go make your reservation at Tupelo Honey here!

Happy dining!

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