The Tortilla Coast That Isn’t on The Hill

Logan Circle is not that far from K Street, and it’s about time the suits checked it out. The short walk will help burn off your lunch-beers anyway right?

The new Tortilla Coast at Logan Circle offers a higher caliber cuisine than their sister location on Capital Hill. It’s lighter fare with a Baja-Mexican, Southern California feel. Their quesadillas are amazing and enough to fill you up without being stuffed. They boast serving food inspired by the culinary styles of Mexico’s Yucatan, Puebla, Veracruz and Baja regions.


In a smart move to cater to the Logan Circle population, the food brings more culinary chops than the Tex-Mex style cuisine served on the Hill. From fresh ceviches to guacamole made to order, this light and airy establishment is worthy of the bit higher price tag.  Also, they have a very large outdoor seating deck which is perfect for sipping margaritas this summer!

Where: Tortilla Coast, 1460 P St NW, DC. Website.

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