Five websites Washingtonians should read (but may not know about)

We all have our daily routine: wake up, take the parrot for a walk, harvest fresh goat milk, eat a box of Captain Crunch, and check your favorite websites.

Chances are, you hit the main news outlets, throw in some Politico or Huffington Post, then check the DC heavy hitters (BYT, DCist, FamousDC, etc). And that’s all fine and well, if you only want to wear 10 pieces of flare. But here are five sites that you should consider adding into your daily rotation (in no particular order):



Sweat it out along with founders Kristine and Lexie as they run, jog, bike, yoga, and Pilates the sh!t out of this town. Or, just live vicariously through their workouts as your cry into your Chef Geoff’s $5 Monday burger. It’s okay, have another SuperMug, no one is looking (fact: everyone is looking).

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Believe it or not, photography is more than a duck-faced blonde on a boat with a new watch and some nail polish, and maybe a small dog somewhere on Instagram. Pronounced “pa-trik oh-noh-frey” as we learn from his blog, Patrick is a closet foodie, and public (and very published) photographer, who has a weekly podcast, Staying In Focus, that highlights some of the areas best photographers. Oh, and his blog is pretty funny too. He calls himself, “a light and shadow warrior,” what more proof do you need?!?





It’s like if Buzzfeed and the daughter of Politico and Huffington Post made some bad decisions one night, and created NowThisNews who basically showed her little brother (who is the designer for Drudge Report) how real adults do things on the internet. Want to see Obama’s latest video? Wondering WTF those crazy North Korean’s are up to? How about a baby rhino taking her first steps? Hell yeah you do! And NowThisNews has you covered.

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The newest and hottest kid on the social networking block, Miigle is Facebook for start-ups connecting entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and potential users. According to their site:

Miigle offers a platform where entrepreneurs globally can connect and leverage each other’s savoir-faire as well as solicit from the general public, including investors and mentors, the knowledge, support, mentorship, and funding they need.

Check it out and request your invite, just make sure you’re idea is better than the Clapper!

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If it’s happening in Logan Circle, Dupont Circle, or U Street NW, Borderstan has you covered. From art events, to restaurant opens, to general satirical musings about the DC area and our inhabitants, this site should definitely hit your rotation. And if you live in these areas and don’t know about this site, it’s okay, I hear Clarendon is nice this time of year. Too soon?

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Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know!

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